Riding a bicycle has unique advantages. You reach your point of destination in an easy and money-saving way and also the bike helps you improve your health.

However, in order to benefit from the system and enjoy your ride, you must drive with safety measures.

Always follow the system’s usage and safety rules to enjoy only the positive aspects of riding a bicycle. Follow the advices mentioned below and make your ride a unique experience.



Follow the traffic regulations Do not run the stop sign and traffic lights
Wear helmet Do not pass vehicles from the right side
Do not drive under the influence of alcohol and other substances I do not use the rented bike if there is no air in the tyres or in case of any other technical problem
Always check the bike before use Do not use a cell phone while riding the bicycle
Wear bright-colored clothes especially at night Do not damage the bicycle
Ride on the bicycle path or pedestrian area when possible Do not leave the bicycle unattended when stopping at a place other than the rental station
Make a hand signal when turning Do not carry other passengers or heavy objects
Look out for large vehicles with blind spots and limited visibility Do not ride opposite to the direction on one-way streets
Check the lock of the bicycle when returning it to the rental station Do not ride very fast
Immediately report any damage or vandalism to the rental station. Do not ride on streets or areas which could damage the bicycle or cause an injury to the rider
Report any bicycle theft you become aware of Do not ride very close to vehicles since this could be dangerous when a door suddenly opens
Keep the bicycle clean and in a good condition while using it Do not ride at night if the bicycle lights do not work