The Bike Sharing System in Igoumenitsa was installed by the Regional Unit of Thesprotia under the pilot actions of the project “ADRIMOB” (Sustainable coast MOBility in the ADRIatic area).

Regional Unit of Thesprotia participates as a project partner in the transnational project with the acronym “ADRIMOB” which is being implemented under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme IPA ADRIATIC 2007-2013. The basic objective of the project is to upgrade transportation services through coordinated efforts towards the improvement of maritime and inland transportation as well as through the provision of information to visitors of each participating area in order to effectively serve the user - visitor and better interconnect the areas among them.

15 partners, public agencies from Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Slovenia and Albania, are involved in the project ADRIMOB.

One of the key components of the project is the implementation of pilot actions in each of the participating project areas in order to upgrade transport services with a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. In this context, the pilot installation of the Bike Sharing System in the city of Igoumenitsa made possible.

The project ADRIMOB is funded 85% by EU funds and 15% by national funds.

For more information about the project ADRIMOB, visit the project website

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